Please note that effective December 1, 2014, filing cut-off times will be 4:00 p.m. for all types of filings. This includes in-person, drop box, efile and fax filing [CCP 1010.6(b)(3) provides that electronic filings should have the same filing cut-off as all other filings]. Filings will be accepted at the counter until 4:00 p.m. on any court business day. Any document deposited in a court's drop box up to and including 4:00 p.m. will be deemed to have been filed that day. All documents deposited in drop boxes after 4:00 p.m. will be deemed filed ‘next day’. The same will apply to filings that come in an electronic manner, whether by efile or fax file.

Members of the public will be assisted until 4:00 p.m. on each court business day1. If a customer is not at the counter by 4:00 p.m., they may utilize other options within the courthouse, such as the drop boxes, self-help terminals, kiosks, and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) phones, where available.


Rezac-MeyerExpansion and Relocation of Family Law Courtrooms in the North Valley District

Expansion and Relocation of Family Law Courtrooms in the North Valley District.  Effective November 17, 2014.

Please use link below to visit LA Superior Court Website for Entire Notice:


Rezac-MeyerNews Release

Two Los Angles Superior Court Locations Implement New Phone Numbers This Week.  Follow Link Below to Read Flyer.


Rezac-MeyerNOTICE TO ATTORNEYS: Online Court Reservation System Debuts at Chatsworth Courthouse

Effective Aug 1, 2014 the Los Angeles Superior Court Launched a real-time, online Court Reservation System (CRS).

Please follow the link below to read entire article


Rezac-MeyerKings County Superior Court Proposes Local Rules Changes That Would Mandate eFiling & eService Effective October 1, 2014

Public Comments Must Be Received By August 28, 2014


Please be advised that the Superior Court of California, County of Kings has published Proposed Local Rules that if adopted may require law firms to Electronically File and Serve almost all civil documents effective October 1, 2014.


You may not know that the California rules of court were revised on July 14, 2014, those rules established statewide guidelines that were meant to ensure that all courts uniformly adopt local rules for their eFiling projects. The Kings County Superior Court Proposed Local Rule 2.10 doesn't appear to be consistent with the statewide rules of court; specifically, CRC 2.253 (b), CRC 3.400 (c), CRC 3.403, and Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6.


The rules state that if a Court wishes to implement a mandated program for other than Complex and cases designated as Complex they must allow eFiling directly with the court, or directly with the court and through one or more approved electronic filing service providers, or through more than one approved electronic filing service provider. 


If you support providing filers with a choice of eFiling vendors, a competitive eFiling environment and adherence with the Rules of Court we ask that you write the Court in response to the proposed Local Rules by August 28, 2014.


For more information about the proposed Local Rules we encourage you to visit the Courts website or clicking on the links below:


Notice of Proposed Local Rule:



Rezac-MeyerFinancial Institution's Central Locations for Service of Process

In accordance with Code of Civil Procedure Section 684.115 (AB2364), the link below will take you to State of California website giving you links to the designated locations for service of legal process that have been filed with the DBO by financial institution doing business in California.


Rezac-MeyerSuperior Court, County of Ventura: NOTICE

Effective June 30, 2014

The Unlawful Detainer Calendar Will Move From Courtroom 48 to 45 - Thursdays.

Small Claims Calendar Will Move From Courtroom 48 to 45 - Friday's

Click Link Below to See the Court Flyer


Rezac-MeyerUnited States Bankruptcy Court Revised Forms Effective June 30, 2014

Public Notice.  Clicking on Link Below Will Direct You To US Bankruptcy Court Website Notice.


Rezac-MeyerNOTICE: Superior Court, County of Ventura

Judicial Reassignment - Civil

Effective February 3, 2014

Please Click on the Link Below for Complete Notice



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